Unveiled is a campaign whose aim is to reveal or "unveil" lies we tell ourselves so we can walk in truth and freedom to fulfill our dreams and destiny. Join us in the movement and tell us how you've been UNVEILED.


Founder Ainsley Britain speaking on the heart and vision behind the Unveiled Campaign. For more information please feel free to email us and also stay connected via social media for the latest updates! 

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Here's UNVEILED's specific needs that we are trying to meet to further the project:

1. $500 for set design stuff/production
2. $300 for shirts and re-orders of stickers

* You will have your name listed below after donating :) 

Unveiled would be nowhere without your help. Here are my superheros (in no order):

Kailey Dickerson,  Ali H., Cast of UNVEILED,  Blythe Thomas Photography,  Flora & Bobby H.,  Leah B., Jay Melilli, Emma T., Deborah W, Ronnie H., Crystel B. Gennifer W., Jacalyn F., Steve V.