The next step...

I dream of one day having Unveiled as an official nonprofit.

So, somewhere in between here and there, there's a lot a grey area. Do you ever feel that way? Like, you have a huge amazing dream but from where you currently are to the end result is one big giant question mark. Well, something I learned this week struck a chord with me and it's simple, but profound.

"The next step is all that matters right now." - Josh Shipp of Youth Speaker University. 

I couldn't agree more. Now, the daunting thing is my thought to myself, "BUT WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP JOSH!!?!!?" 

So, if anyone can relate to this, let's address steps in order to identify and tackle the "next step" of your dream. Remember, this is just what's come to my crazy mind this past week, so if it doesn't apply to you, throw it out the window and have a great day. 

1. Write down your dream in detail. Imagine no limits and just write (or type or draw or whatever your things is). 

2. Write down people that support you and love you and that you can speak to freely about said dream. 

3. Write down a network of people who you believe can help you propel that dream forward. 

4. Text or call someone from #2 and ask them to hold you accountable to reaching out to someone from #3. (keep this process going)

5. Begin speaking said dream out loud. If you've begun this and have completed the above steps, begin writing down additional "next steps" to propel your dream forward. Here are some of mine as an example:

- Work 30 min to an hour every day on my dream

- Give a progress report to myself at the end of the week

- Write down a "to do" list of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals (with dates of the deadline!!)

- Tell someone those goals to keep you accountable

- Hustle. 


Hopefully this has helped you identify your "next step" and how to work towards achieving said goals. 

If you want, you're welcome to post your progress on the comments of this post!!! I'd LOOOOVE to read about YOUR dreams and maybe, just maybe, someone on this site who sees this post has a common goal and you can partner! This recently happened with a co-worker of mine and it's kind of amazing and mind blowing and inspiring!


Happy dreaming, folks!