A little ray of sunshine happened.

I realize I’ve blown up social media about my Poppa’s passing, but his legacy is too large to contain. This is one of many posts on the roller coaster that comes with losing a loved one, but this story in particular blew my mind in such a crazy way, I had to give Gennean a break from blogging so I could share…


A few things you should know before the story begins:

1. I never fly Delta (Southwest is my bff4l, but in this particular situation, there weren’t any good flights available and I had to get home ASAP.)

2. I never fly first class. There were only middle seats left and the first class option wasn’t much more expensive, so I brought my toilet paper roll  to my first class seat (read about this on ainsleybritain.com) to soak up my tear filled journey home. 

3. I was wearing sunglasses and a baseball hat. I knew I’d be “that girl” crying in an airport so I opted to try to be as low key as possible. 


So, knowing those things, I figured I would get from point A to point B with my sorrows and make it home to see my family. Well, as I neared the end of my flight from NYC to ATL for a connection, One of the male flight attendants looked at me when I looked up to hand my trash over & said, “Unveiled?” to which my entire mind just suddenly shut down in shock and confusion and all I did was nod yes. He smiled at me and said, “good work”. At this point, my eyes fill with tears all over again and I reply, “Wait what? How do you know that?” and the other flight attendant (William) said, “He’s been bragging about you all flight!” Brandon (first flight attendant) said he saw some pictures and videos of Unveiled. At this point waterfalls are flowing from my eyes and my confusion and shock were written all over my face. He said, “I didn’t mean to make you cry!” and I then had to explain myself with a shaking voice, “No no, I’m going home for my grandfather’s funeral and that just made my day a little brighter. Thank you so much. Thank you so much.” He held my hand for a moment then brought me tissues. 

I’m still so touched, but still so confused in the best way. In the middle of the sky on a flight I would never normally be on in a seat I would never normally be on with a hat and sunglasses on to hide my face, a little ray of sunshine happened and if Brandon ever reads this, I hope he knows how special that was to me and how precious that moment will forever be. 

no matter what you may be walking through, you never know when someone or something might show up to remind you of who you are, and that what you are doing matters.