I am a liar.

And so are you. 

What do I mean by that?

I mean that you and I both lie to ourselves every week, if not every day about our worth and capabilities as people. 

Unveiled is meant to address and resolve the lies we believe about ourselves. Discovering the root issue in insecurities is a messy, layer peeling, tears flowing, alone in my room with just a sad song kind of feeling, but on the other side of this, is freedom and truth. 

The lies we believe effect our daily lives and if not addressed, will limit our futures. 

For example, because of some fears that were rooted in stuff growing up with my dad, it resulted in defense mechanisms I had with Justin. It wasn't until I had to address:

1. I'm not alone

2. I'm not bound by these lies

3. I AM worthy

that I was able to love him like he deserved. I'm not perfect by any means, but the more I realize that LIES can creep in and try to control my life, the more I can work on claiming truth over it.

Can you relate to this?

Can you think of a time where you realized that a lie you often believe had effected a friendship, relationship or just gotten in the way of you believing in yourself? 

Like I said, it's a daily process, but you're worth it

I'm done being a liar.