Your Story...

I pulled this story from the "Featured Story" list that I have & I wanted to share the simple story with a powerful, relatable message:

"My story started when I was in the 6th grade.. I was not a normal sized girl. I was bigger in the chest area and it made it impossible to find clothes that I felt confident in. I had P.E every Tuesday. The teacher was so rude. He made a comment when I was doing stretches, about my weight. That was a major breaking point for me. It came to the point where I'd stay home from school to avoid people looking at me. I felt that I was a fat girl that no one wanted to be seen with. When I did go to school, I'd cover up my arms with long sleeve shirts. It would be 90 degrees outside and I would have a long sleeve shirt. I didn't feel beautiful. I didn't feel wanted. Then came along a guy. That became my bestfriend. I was at lunch one day and he sat by me. He asked me why I had on long sleeves and I wouldn't tell him. I was ashamed. Ashamed I didn't feel beautiful in my own skin. I told him why. I cried and he just hugged me and told me I was beautiful. My best friend is what made me unveil myself. I am beautiful just the way I am. I finally believed it. By telling my story, I have became more confident in myself and I hope that other feel the same when they share their story."

I really love this story because its so real and relatable. I used to do the same thing actually... I would wear hoodies every day, no matter the temperature because I was hiding what I was ashamed of, which caused me to act out in that shame. It's crazy how one person being kind to you can change your whole perspective and self-respect. 

I encourage YOU to be that one person for someone else!! 

I would LOVE to keep hearing your stories! Don't forget to submit on the stories page :) 


Love y'all..