Dear Unveiled,

Sweet girls (& a few guys!),

I've been thinking of you constantly for the last 4 years. My heart yearns for you to look in the mirror and see beauty and strength looking back at you. I want you to know how incredible and worthy you are. My heart feels like a brick as I type this, remembering the flood of stories that came through my email when we first launched, January 14th, 2014. You all have been through so much. I reread some of them recently and my fire has never gone out for you. I've wanted to give up, trust me, I have. I wanted to walk away from the effort, planning, filming, and writing. I wanted to "get a real job" and forget this dream. Yet, here I am. I'm happy to announce that we have officially received 501c3 status which means we are OFFICIALLY A NON PROFIT!! I honestly never thought this day would come and as I read the approval letter, each of your faces raced through my mind. This is for you. For the girl who was abused, for the self-harm scarred and for the one skipping meals. I will continue to serve you, using every resource, skill, and effort I have in me. I will. I'm so glad I never gave up so I could write this post. I want to encourage you not to give up on yourself. Take a bite, get off the scale, put down the weapon against yourself. I pray our community continues to grow and support one another with kindness and encouraging words. It's only just begun <3.

- Ainsley B.