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When it comes to my own story, I look back at everything I've gone through and think damn, I’m amazing. That’s not me being self-involved or anything, it’s me acknowledging that I went through the ringer but continued through the trenches to get to where I am now. Often times we as women have this concept of shame in never feeling good enough, all while at the same time feeling like we’re too much. It’s absolutely ridiculous if you ask me. My first thought when I think of other women is how strong and beautiful they each are in their own unique way. So why is it so hard for us to think of ourselves in the same context?

When I was younger I had this dream of creating my own non-profit and to this day it’s actually still something I work toward. However, this past summer I went through quite a few hardships and starting doubting my goals because of course, I felt I couldn’t hack it. I had been broken and lost to the point where I didn’t think I was good enough for anything I had planned for my life. What to do when a complete life breakdown happens? Travel. Solo. For the first time.

Taking a cue straight out of eat pray love, I decided to head to Italy, France, and Germany to find myself again. Travel, in general, is always a good idea, it clears your mind and gives you a perspective on life in other cultures, keeps you out of your comfort zone and surrounded by new people. Over this trip I blogged like crazy, writing out my every thought in my journal and every day capturing a new story to tell, I was reminded of who I was and to never falter in that confidence in myself. In the end, that’s what matters. 

When it comes to confidence in one’s self it’s not something that comes easily though, and I still struggle with it to this day, as I’m sure every human being does. What makes a difference at the end of the day though is recognizing that you matter, you create your happiness, and you’re in control of how you deal with everything that comes your way. And what you do with all of that is everything. 


Bianca Dukesherer

Boho Babes


Unveiled has partned with Bohemian Babes. Here's a little bit about them: 

Bohemian Babes was an idea we created in our old work setting. We met as graphic designers for the university we attended. Both of us constantly blogged at work, (we did that a lot) and started talking about our strong suits and weaknesses when we realized that if you were to combine us we could really be something rad. It’s been a slow and steady process but we really want to get it right and eventually grow into so much more. What’s kind of unique about us as digital marketers and bloggers is that we each bring such different aspects to Boho Babes. Sav is the yogi, fitness freak, with a great mind for business and always constantly challenges us to be better. Bee is passionate about writing, working with charities and focusing on the social media aspect. Together, we both love traveling and adventuring through whatever comes our way. Plus, I mean working with your best friend is the dream, right?