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Growing up, I constantly struggled with my identity in a career and self doubting questions of what I could actually accomplish. I’d start a fitness blog and share it with no one or journal while traveling but leave it untouched in my notebook. I was fearful of getting judged on social media by my skills or mindset. I wouldn't share my fitness routines yet my friends would ask me to train them. Out of fear of incompetency, I declined saying I was too busy.

That all changed in college when I realized you aren’t doing something right unless you are consistently making yourself go out of your own comfort zone. No one stays happy with “what could have been”. My dream was to move to California (away from the rainy city of Seattle), I was infatuated by the idea of living somewhere people vacation. Along with that, I knew I could make connections with what I was passionate about, fitness, wellness, and entrepreneurship. Once I graduated, it wasn’t even a question on where I’d move, so here I am now! Living in Huntington, a few blocks from the beach, I’ve met so many incredible individuals that teach me what 1% can accomplish if you pursue your own passions or businesses and give your all.

The first question I was almost always asked when I said I was moving my life to California is: why? My only response is: well, why not? nothing was holding me back other than myself. That usually ends in silence because they realized how ridiculous the question was in the first place. Never let your fears get in the way of accomplishing all you’re truly capable, and when in doubt, jump. Go for it and make the mistake because that’s what life is about.


Savannah Wright

Boho Babes


Unveiled has partnered with Bohemian Babes. Here's a little bit about them: 

Bohemian Babes was an idea we created in our old work setting. We met as graphic designers for the university we attended. Both of us constantly blogged at work, (we did that a lot) and started talking about our strong suits and weaknesses when we realized that if you were to combine us we could really be something rad. It’s been a slow and steady process but we really want to get it right and eventually grow into so much more. What’s kind of unique about us as digital marketers and bloggers is that we each bring such different aspects to Boho Babes. Sav is the yogi, fitness freak, with a great mind for business and always constantly challenges us to be better. Bee is passionate about writing, working with charities and focusing on the social media aspect. Together, we both love traveling and adventuring through whatever comes our way. Plus, I mean working with your best friend is the dream, right?