Feeling Down Doesn't Mean You're Out

In the South, we say “when it rains, it pours” because often the tough times come in waves, one right after the other. Other times, a feeling of depression and sadness can come out of the blue and isn’t directly related to any specific instance or problem. Bottomline, we feel the way we feel, sometimes without explanation or reason. You can’t always control how you feel, but you can control how you respond.

Try to identify what’s got you down

Working to get the root of the issue, helps us to process and move on quicker. As humans, our brains work to understand problems so they can solve them, or at least try to process them. Disclaimer: It is possible to not have a concrete reason. If this is the case, try not to spend time judging yourself. I’ve been known to say to my myself, you are blessed beyond belief. You have no reason to be sad. Don’t judge yourself. Your feelings are valid. Once you realize this, you can begin the process of moving forward. 

You’re cordially invited to your pity party

Regardless of if you’ve identified the cause of your rut or not, give yourself a certain amount of time to dwell in your feelings. Buy the ice cream, live in your yoga pants and binge watch whatever trashy tv makes you feel better. Allow your life to reflect how terrible you feel in that moment, but be sure to stick to the timeframe you’ve specified. (and NOT a day longer) 

Call your lifeline

We all have that person we can talk to about anything. This person may be someone different, depending on the situation. It could be a significant other or even your mom. Again, no judgment here. For me, it’s 9 out of 10x it’s my closest girlfriends. I usually doubt myself for some unknown, nonexistent reason, and they are quick to remind me of my own personal superpowers. Regardless, give your council a call. I call it “touching home-base” because these are usually your biggest fans from day one, and the people who see you when you can’t see yourself. Not only are these individuals full of advice but they often times add valuable perspective to the situation or dilemma.

Numero Uno

Once you touch base with your council, it’s time to touch base with yourself. Personally, when I’m in one of life’s ruts, the part I hate the most is how unlike myself I feel. I find it helpful to get back to the basics and discover yourself again. This can be done by doing something you love, something that may have gotten lost in how busy life gets. Nothing makes me happier than contributing to the world by creating something…anything (cooking, writing, etc.) Put your records on, (Corinne Bailey Rae style) and find your joy. Then go do it! It’s guaranteed to uplift your spirits.  

Focus on healthy habits

I can’t stress the importance this during your journey to bouncing back and feeling more like yourself. Things, like going for a walk or exercise, drinking plenty of water, meditating and eating healthy, are proven mood elevators. I find not only does focusing on these habits help me in the short term of getting out of my funk, but once I’m out of it, they help me transition smoothly back into my life. 

Truth is, this crazy life is full of ups and downs. Amazingly, some of the most terrible moments in my life were followed immediately by some of the most beautiful moments in my life. You will survive because the sun does, in fact, come out tomorrow. These moments bring clarity to our character and allow us to see what we are truly made of. You just need some time, friends and a little reminder of your own personal strength to get you through.

You got this! 

My name is Rease. Originally from Texas, I now reside in New York City, where I’m an actress and full-time dreamer. When I'm not traveling or creating, I enjoy motivating others to find and live their passions. I found a love in helping others along their journey so much that I began working to launch an online "Dreamer Support Group" called Heart of Hustle. My vision for HoH is to help dreamers from all over the world by creating a community of resources and support. My personal motto in life is to leave people and situations better than I found them.
To know Rease is to lover her. We met in Phi Mu and ended up in the same acting class and I'll never forget her constant encouragement and support. She's incredibly beautiful inside and out and I'm honored to know her! 

To know Rease is to lover her. We met in Phi Mu and ended up in the same acting class and I'll never forget her constant encouragement and support. She's incredibly beautiful inside and out and I'm honored to know her!