The Christmastime Struggle (is real)

Is anyone else out there completely bewildered as to how we’re already a week into December?  I feel like it was just summer, but now Christmas is right around the corner and before we know it, it will be 2016.  What in the world!  This time of the year is easily one of my favorites - with the colder nights and mugs of hot chocolate and twinkly lights everywhere you look - it’s pretty enchanting.  And while Nashville might not get much snow, it’s finally just cold enough to signify that Christmas is upon us.


Along with the festive and fun aspects of this time of the year, however, comes a lot of stress.  From shopping for gifts to preparing to spend extended amounts of time with family, the struggle can be all too real for many of us, to the point that we may even begin to feel anxiety creep in.  It seems as though our culture encourages the crazy and the chaos around Christmastime, but I am convinced that doesn’t need to be our reality.  In our moments of stress or anxiety, I want to encourage us all with this truth: we can (and maybe even should) choose to say no to the pressure, and take time instead for some self-care.  What could self-care look like at this time of the year?  Well it all depends on what you like and what fills you up when you’re running on empty, but here are a few suggestions:


  • Grab your favorite book and cuddle up by the fire, and remember to put your phone on do not disturb or leave it in another room.
  • Throw on a coat and take a walk around your neighborhood to enjoy all of the magical, twinkly lights.
  • Treat yourself to something you wouldn’t normally, like a spa treatment or a night at the theatre.
  • Make a cup of tea and take a warm bath before bed — now that sounds relaxing!


Remember, self-care does not equal selfishness.  Sometimes the best thing you can do for not only yourself, but those around you, is to take some time for you, doing things you enjoy that help to destress and remind you of what’s really important.  Because at Christmas, the most important things are not the things... they are the people that surround you, the memories that are made, and the ultimate reason for the season.  So take some time to fill your tank these next few weeks, and savor this most wonderful time of the year!

Meet the Writer: Gennean
Gennean is self-proclaimed "hot mess" who loves a good cup of coffee & a good adventure. Currently living in Nashville, Gennean has been blogging for over five years on life & faith, and is honored to be a contributing writer on the Unveiled blog.
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