Why the Relaunch?

I've gotten this question so much, it's time we chat... Why the relaunch??

My heart for teaching girls their self worth and unveiling the lies behind life controlling issues through media is more on fire than ever, but over the last two years I've personally had a TON of life adjustments that were very overwhelming and made it difficult to keep Unveiled at the quality I wanted it to be. Two of my grandfathers passed away, I was in a stressful job scenario and one of my best friends had a huge health scare. So, I took a little break from videos while I lived in NYC to focus on self care and make sure those around me were okay. Now, guess what. We are BACK! My husband and I have moved from NYC to the south again and filming has commenced! I'm so excited for 2018 and can't wait to serve you better. 

I hope you'll love our first video and blog of 2018. Daphne's story, bravery and recovery has inspired me through her music. She's incredible. Show her some love!