| Cathlin Cantrell's story on UNVEILED |

A Belmont University student wrote this killer story on UNVEILED! Check it out: 

Belmont University senior Ainsley Britain is not your average student. Britain is the founder of Unveiled, a campaign that focuses on “unveiling” the lies society tells people and finding inner peace within oneself. It is an igniting movement that forces people to pay attention and gives them the opportunity to see just how worthy they really are. 

Britain started planning for Unveiled in November 2013 during the academic year. 

“Unveiled began out of a lightning bolt of inspiration. I was sitting in class one day and all of these video ideas just popped into my head so I wrote them all down and threw the first group of videos together one day with an amazing videographer and crew! It's my own "miracle baby" because it went together so seamlessly, that's when you know you're meant to do something,” said Britain.

The start of Unveiled took a lot of heart and immense passion for people. Britain has both of these qualities and has used her determination to make Unveiled what it is today. 

I was motivated to start this because I see a lot of organizations that are trying to help with different issues, which is great and I love that - but I want to find a way to stop the issue before it starts, by addressing the lie that's being believed. For example, "I'm not worthy" or "I'm not beautiful" may be the lie that some people believe and the same lie may result in different life controlling issues such as an eating disorder or self harm, but if we can get rid of the lie, we get rid of the issue,” said Britain.

Unveiled officially made it’s mark on social media Jan. 14, 2014. On the 14th of each month videos are released pertaining to that month’s specific topic of awareness. Every video focuses on a distinct message and the unveiling of some lie that holds people back from striving to make their dreams come true. 

A lot of work was and is put into making Unveiled videos. Belmont student Blythe Thomas worked on set with Britain as a photographer and videographer for one of these videos and was really impacted by it. Thomas was with Britain when she first talked about the idea of Unveiled. Britain mentioned needing help with video and thus Thomas offered her services. 

“I only worked on Unveiled that one shoot day, but it was very cool to see girls offering their hearts to a camera and crying in front of strangers. As a photographer, seeing people feel comfortable in front of the lens always inspires me personally. It's very, very powerful. I would love to be involved more and learn from other girls' bravery,” said Thomas. 

One very unique thing about Unveiled videos is that real people star in them and talk about real issues. Belmont student Hannah Fletcher was very positively affected by her role in one of the Unveiled videos.

“I really enjoyed being in one of the Unveiled videos because it allowed me to connect with the other girls filming as well and realize that we all had similar struggles and truths to “unveil” about ourselves. One of my favorite parts about being involved was learning more about myself and others surrounding me. I learned how I did hold the answers inside that I so desperately needed to hear and I enjoyed deepening my relationships with those I filmed with,” said Fletcher.

Unveiled is making it’s mark on the people and Britain is determined to get her message out there. This campaign has done many things to appeal to the public and is taking the necessary steps to show anyone who is willing to listen what they have to say. 

“So far, we have done a convocation which was a great success, with people standing up because all of the seats were full! That was the first public speaking event and it was awesome! Keep in mind, the organization is only three months old, so it's success thus far is blowing my mind. We have had a fundraiser were we raised over $2,000 in selling T-shirts and people are already asking when the next fundraiser will be for shirts! Model For a Miracle is a fashion show that Phi Mu at Belmont puts on and they invited us to show girls' natural beauty, so we walked as participants in that as had a Photo Booth there! It was so much fun,” said Britain.

There is a lot to be said about the future of Unveiled. This campaign is showing that it is not one to be silenced. 

“I think this campaign has a bright future because of the passion of its leaders and the people involved. These people (Ainsley and others) are very intentional about spreading this message because they sincerely believe in the transforming power it holds,” said Fletcher. 

“Given how well Unveiled has been received in just 4 months and how motivated Ainsley is, I see it going as far as any other young movement. The main thing it requires is just more willing people to speak up and tell their story and inspire others to do the same. Ainsley is an awesome one to be leading that pack,” said Thomas. 

With such a powerful message- Unveiling lies to see the truth- this campaign really has the opportunity to impact people.