| Anna Brackins' report about UNVEILED + MAM! |

- I love when people write about UNVEILED for their school!! I'd love to plan a visit to the school if your administrators would allow/contact for info :) - here's Anna's report about UNVEILED. 


The Morning After Ministries and The Unveiled Campaign are both very dedicated to helping the sexually abused. Ainsley Britain, the founder of The Unveiled Campaign, is a recent graduate of the 2014 class of Belmont University. She began planning for the Unveiled Campaign in November of 2013. In past years she was involved in a charity close to her hometown, Lafayette, LA called Hearts of Hope, which is dedicated to assisting the sexually abused. She even has an EP titled “Hearts of Hope,” and all proceeds are donated to the organization, Hearts of Hope. (Founder is on the right.)

With her experience, it is not shocking that she is the founder of The Unveiled Campaign. Ainsley has partnered her campaign with Morning After Ministries help women address the lies we tell ourselves. The organizations, Morning After Ministries and The Unveiled Campaign have partnered together for a movement about unveiling self lies. Both are very involved with the sexually abused victims and both dedicate their time to help woman understand their true value.

The Unveiled Campaign all started off as a "spur of the moment" idea to Belmont Senior, Ainsley Britain, in the fall of 2013. “I was motivated to start this because I see a lot of organizations that are trying to help with different issues, which is great and I love that – but I want to find a way to stop the issue before it starts, by addressing the lie that’s being believed. For example, “I’m not worthy” or “I’m not beautiful” may be the lie that some people believe and the same lie may result in different life controlling issues such as an eating disorder or self-harm, but if we can get rid of the lie, we get rid of the issue,” said founder of The Unveiled Campaign (Cantrell). 

 After months of planning and hard work put into finalizing this project, The Unveiled Campaign officially entered the social networks on January 14th. Since then, it has been established that on the 14th of each month, they post a video regarding a specific topic they want to address to the public. The Unveiled Campaign is very dedicated to “unveiling” the lies we tell ourselves, and  resolving the issue of Self-hate and assisting one’s who have been sexually abused. On April 14, 2014 Unveiled had its first speaking gig at Belmont University. Hands for Hope invited them to kick off sexual assault awareness week at Belmont. “The room was packed and people had to stand & they still stuck around!! It was amazing. I’m so thankful for new faces and familiar ones!” Said Ainsley Britain (Britian). 

I have had the opportunity to speak to, Ainsley Britian a few times and she was more than generous to take time out of her busy schedule to share with me what Unveiled is all about. Thus, she had much to say about Unveiled, “It all began with an idea. A video concept and from there it just grew & grew. At first I was hesitant to start it, but it quickly developed almost by itself and became what it is today and continues to become. I'm very proud of it and can't wait to see what's ahead.” (Britian). Ainsley continued to explain that Unveiled’s main idea is stemmed from lies we tell ourselves. “If we can remove the lie, we can remove the life controlling issue. It’s awareness of the lie so we can build up self- worth and self-confidence.” (Britian). Unveiled has much potential and will be around for a long time. This movement should be and is something that each and every person can relate to. There isn’t one person who doesn’t have something they feel unconfident about and that’s exactly what Unveiled is doing, “Unveiling Self Lies”. The Unveiled Campaign has done more than just inspiring people through their campaign, but they have even collaborated with Morning after Ministries who is located just outside of Nashville, in Franklin, Tennessee. 

Morning After Ministries is a little bit different than you would think. Although the obvious, they help with sexually assaulted victims they help with self- harm, eating disorders, sexual diseases and addiction to basically anything you have a habit for that causes severe trauma. Morning After Ministries is affirming women as God’s creation, bringing health to the body, spirit, and soul, educating women about spiritual and sexual health. Morning After Ministries are very active in their community; they are booked with events all the way through November 17, 2014. Most events involve ministering to women with music. Which living in “Music City”, it would be completely unacceptable not to incorporate music in some way. 

Fortunately, I recently have had the opportunity to speak to the founder of Morning after Ministries, Christy Brooks and she was more than helpful in providing all the information I needed to know about her ministry. "I founded MAM 7 years ago and love to share the heart and vision of the ministry," said Christy herself (Morning After Ministries). She told me that she loves sharing the heart and soul of the ministry and which she did a great job at giving me the insight of what Morning After Ministries is all about. Morning After Ministries is already a non-profit organization and Unveiled is in the progress of being non-profit, which means all the donations they receive go to raising awareness and assisting the sexually abused and women who are defeated by self-lies.